Innvolution has exclusive Sales & Marketing rights for Orbus Neich’s range of products in India and Sri Lanka since November, 2010

About Orbus Neich

Orbus Medical Technologies, founded in 1996, had been focused on research and development of interventional medical devices and had strong ties in the European medical community. Neich Medical, founded in 1979, had strong distribution and deep roots in the Asia Pacific interventional medical community. The two companies were a natural fit.

Today,  OrbusNeich is  focused on providing  physician customers around the world with innovative therapies that will improve the lives of their patients. In order to accomplish this the company has expanded operations to over 60 countries world wide.

Two world class manufacturing plants have been established in Netherlands and China  and the company has developed and commercialized the first Pro-Healing stents, the Genous™ Bio-engineered R stent and Genous™ Bio-engineered Cobalt Chromium stent , as well as bare metal stents and balloons marketed under the names of Azule™, R stent™, Scoreflex™, Sapphire™ II, Sapphire™ II PRO and, Sapphire NC™.

Orbus Neich is also expecting to receive CE mark approval in 2012 for the World’s first Dual Therapy Stent with the safety of EPC technology and efficacy of Sirolimus.

Please visit www.orbusneich.com for more information