Best in class Drug - Eluting Stent
and Balloon catheters
New Layer Introducing
ICU Grade Pressure & Volume
Controlled Ventilator
Developed in association of BETIC , IIT Mumbai
Real-Time RT-PCR Kit
For in-vitro Qualitative Detection
of 2019-Novel Coronavirus in
Human Respiratory Specimens and Sera
World's Smallest
Fixed Flat Panel
Cath Lab
Abouts Us

About Us

Innvolution was founded in Dec 2010 by a group of Medical Device Professionals holding leadership positions in some of the largest companies in the business.

Dominant Position in Stents with Large Scale Stent Mfg Capabilities.

Diversified product portfolio with balanced mix of ICVD products, resulting in Sustainable revenue stream at diversified risk.

Robust supply chain with exclusive distributorship rights to world-class products; strong pan-India network of distributors/ hospitals.

Catering to all ICVD needs of the industry. Now, further backward integrated with offering market-leading pricing in cath lab via JV Highly.

Experienced management team with strong business acumen – taking the company from strength to strength


Number of Lives Saved
Years of Combined Experience

MG Motor Award Winner

Innvolution has Won the Affordable Ventilator innovation Challenge by MG Motors.

Among the top 5 Interventional Cardiology Companies in India​

What to Expect From Us

Innvolution is dedicated to provide the most up-to-date and best-in-class products to advance healthcare solutions and improve the quality of life.

Cardiovascular Solutions

Cardiovascular Devices

Complete ICVD solution covering almost every product being used in a cathlab.

Respiratory solution

Covid-19 Solution

Meet Our Founding Partners

Gaurav Agarwal ​

Ashvini Suthar​

Atul Sharma​

Sachin Garg​

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