Occlutech PDA Occluder

A Step Forward in PDA Occlusion

Perfecting Performance


The PDA indication represents a multitude of geometric variances and morphological configurations ranging from small tunnel shaped ducts to large oval shunts. There is no single type of device suitable to treat all variances and clinicians continue to search for the ideal solution. Listening to advice from the world’s leading cardiac interventionalists has been paramount when designing the Occlutech PDA occlusion device.


Occlutech Braiding

Occlutech’s unique proprietary braiding technology, allows the creation of a device that has no distal clamp, avoiding any protruding hub from the aortic disc. This design reduces the risk of trauma upon implantation and subsequent risk of thrombiforming in the aorta. The unique Nitinol braiding configuration gives the device increased flexibility and superior adaptability allowing placement in a wide variety of clinical situations


Occlutech PDA device

In light of the large variety of vascular structures, Occlutech has created a highly flexible PDA Occluder capable of adapting to most morphologies and available in one of the widest range of configurations and sizes on the market. Not only does the Occlutech PDA occlusion device offer a wide range of diameters, it also offers a range of shank lengths to accommodate a wide variety of duct lengths. The ultrathin PET-patches placed in the device ensure optimal closure of the defect as well as rapid endothelialization of the implant.